Monday, August 28, 2017

Trailer toei : Goku's new form 10/8th/2017 DBS 1 hour episode Goku VS Jiren

Trailer toei : Goku's new form 10/8th/2017 DBS 1 hour episode Goku VS Jiren

Trailer toei : Goku's new form 08/10/2017 DBS 1 hour episode Goku VS Jiren

This night, TOEI Animation unveiled the first promotional video of the Dragon Ball Super / One Piece collaboration in October. The two series will each have one full hour dedicated (Special TV or double episode). and Hiroyuki Sakurada, producer of the series Dragon Ball Super, commented on the TOEI Animation website. 

The One Piece special hour will be broadcast on 01/October, while the special Dragon Ball Super hour will air on 08/October. 

Trailer narration from Kanzenshuu: 

Narrator: Who will win in Goku’s limit-breaking battle with his mightiest rival, Jiren of Universe 11? 

Goku: Dragon Ball Super airs at 9:00 a.m. on October 8th. 

Producer Hiroyuki Sakurada's comments translated at Kanzenshuu: 

History’s mightiest “Tournament of Power” is being held in Dragon Ball Super to decide the fate of all the universes. Starting in October, it at last reaches a turning point as Goku finally faces off with his strongest opponent, Jiren. From there on out it will truly be a continuous run from Goku and co.’s big battle to the climax. And to kick it off, Dragon Ball Super will be airing a “1-Hour Autumn Special” on October 8th. Unprecedented surprises are in store, so please look forward to it. Plus, with Dragon Ball Super powering up in this super-climax and One Piece heating up in celebration of its 20th anniversary, a collaboration between these two great Sunday anime is finally becoming a reality. It’s a dream visual symbolizing the two great anime, as if Goku and Luffy were on an adventure together!

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