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Monday, June 5, 2017

dragon ball super titles and summaries of episodes 94-95-96-97-98

titles and summaries of Dragon Ball Super episodes 94,95,96,97 and 98. 

PS : While awaiting for confirmation via a scan, we prefer to specify that for the moment it's just rumors, even if the titles and summaries previously arrived very often proved to be correct.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94: Resurrection of the Evil Emperor! The reception of Mysterious Assassins ?!

Goku goes to see Baba with a fortune for the resurrection of Frieza so that the scouting mission of 10 members is completed .
Participants make the final adjustments. Goten and Trunks goes to the island where C-17 works.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95: The Pact between Goku and Frieza! The diabolical trap of the Universe 4!

members of the Universe 9 arrive on Earth of Universe 7, targeting Frieza. Goku and Frieza are forced to fight against opponents who don't feel anything. Meanwhile, Quitela hakaishin of the Universe 4, who watched the fight, set up a secret plan.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96: Another Emergency! this man is the last warrior?

Frieza is on the side of the Universe 4, so Universe 7 finds itself again with an incomplete team. Since there is no more time until the competition, Goku will try to go to the tournament like this, and see on the spot to organize.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97: Will they survive? The Tournament of Power begins!

The warriors and gods of the 8 participating universes arrive to the world of void, on which the Tournament of power will take place. The High Priest gives them frightening information. The warriors who fall from the combat zone will disappear into the abyss.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98: Title undefined

The universes form an alliance except the universe 11, Goku is happy to learn that, the warriors of the universe 7 are targeted.

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