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Monday, March 20, 2017

C-17 appearance in dragon ball super episode 86

the Japanese magazine V-Jump announces the return of C-17 in Dragon Ball Super episode 86.
 We know from the leaks of the titles and summaries of episodes 82 to 85 that the next episodes 
will be devoted largely to gather the 10 most powerful warriors of the universe 7 
who will participate in the power tournament. We also know that Goku will go to Dende in episode 85, to know the whereabouts of C-17. So we'll have to wait until April 16 to see C-18's brother again.

dragon ball super episode 86 c-17

C-17 will finally appear in episode 86 of Dragon Ball Super, that will be aired on Sunday, April 16 !!

Which universe will survive !?

For the future of the universe 7, the tournament of power will unfold.
But before, 10 fighters must be chosen for the tournament.
Will Goku be able to gather powerful warriors?

الجينزو نينجن 17 سيظهر اخيرا في الحلقة 86 من دراغون بول سوبر والتي سيتم عرضها يوم الاحد 16 ابريل

!من هو الكون الذي سينجو ؟

 . من اجل مستقبل الكون 7 , بطولة القوة ستقام 

 . لكن قبل هذا 10 مقاتلين يجب ان يتم اختيارهم من اجل البطولة

هل سيكون غوكو قادرا على جمع اقوى المقاتلين ؟

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