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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 27 Complete

  Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 27 Complete

Here is the 27th Chapter of Dragon Ball Super, which will appear in the new issue of V-Jump magazine on August 21 in Japan. Chapter 27 marks the beginning of the "Tournament of Power" " universe survival " arc.

What we know for the moment thanks to the translations of Herms of Kanzenshuu:

1- Like the anime, Goku realizes he needs to train more when he's scratched by some robbers' bullets

2- Whis compliments Vegeta for moving more efficiently now (this seems to be a major theme with Whis' training).

3- Sparring with Beerus, Vegeta shows off the same "evolution" of SSB that Goku used. "There's nothing Kakarot can do that I can't!"

4- Whis thinks Vegeta may have closed the gap between him and Goku...but Beerus still isn't fighting seriously. He's just playing around.

5- Whis thinks Beerus probably ought to fight seriously...better that than lose his temper if Vegeta lands a hit on him. Foreshadowing!

6- Vegeta hits Beerus, who loses his temper. "I hold back and you get carried away! It'll be 100 years before you're a match for me!"

7- But Beerus acknowledges Vegeta's effort in improving so much in such a short time. In another universe, he might be a candidate for GoD.

8- Whis gives the defeated Vegeta the same "move without thinking" speech as in Resurrection "F". Like, word for word the same thing.

9- Vegeta is determined to not lag behind Goku forever. But for now, he wants Whis to take him back to Earth. Whatever might be the matter?

10- Why, Bulma's pregnant, of course. Bulma thinks Goku came to congratulate her, but he just thinks she ate too much. Cue laugh track.

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